Thursday, 18 September 2008

Body Image

I've been watching a great four part series of documentaries in which Dawn Porter, an investigative journalist, deals with womens' issues.

So far I've watched her get investigate the myths and stereotypes surrounding lesbianism in Dawn Goes Lesbain, and winced at some of the things people conveniently don't tell you about giving birth in Dawn Gets a Baby (OMG!), then last night I watched Dawn Gets Naked, which dealt with femal body image. What an eye-opener!

It was really interesting to see how much the images of women we see in magazines - and aspire to look like - are Photoshopped. Obviously, I know pictures are photoshopped, but I thought they just removed spots, or evened out skin tone. Oh no. They change everything (shave off some fat, change the shape of a nose, clone an eye!) until they've made a perfect version of the woman, which is impossible to attain in real life and explains why celebrities always look so crap in real life, because that's how they actually look! Anyway, I can relate. I'm pretty thin after the trip (although I'm now about 5 cakes fatter than I was a month ago!), and I know it's vain and shouldn't matter, but being thin does make me feel good. There, I've said it. I'm officially a bad person.

The only episode I haven't seen yet is Dawn Gets Her Man, which airs on Friday at 9pm on BBC3 (sorry Amsterdammers, we have Sky! If you want to watch it, you'll have to come around here). I really hope she gets more work after his show, because she's really funny, and discusses topics that I'm genuinely interested in, in a very hands-on way. She also really reminds me of James Stanworth's lovely girlfriend Clare, so it's like watching your friend on TV :)

Speaking of look-a-likes, I have a doppelganger! There's a girl in Amsterdam that everyone says reminds them of me. I've seen her at a club (before I knew we were doppelgangers so I didn't get a good look) but about 6 people have told me how alike we are now. Very strange. Hope she isn't a complete bitch or anything - that'd be a bit humbling.

Debs, x

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Ben Blench said...

You are not a bad person! What no mention of Celebrity "Come Dine With Me"?