Monday, 8 September 2008

Jobless no-hoper

It's nice to have time off, but it's also a bit depressing being jobless. It's really amazing seeing what happens in the neighbourhood when I'm usually at work - there's a whole diferent world out there full of smelly people who wander round aimlessly, smelling bad, making me want to get back into the rat race, quickly, so I don't end up like them. Ppfh. I even watched some of This Morning today. What's next, The Jeremy Kyle show (watching, not participating, hopefully...!)? Shudder!

Anwyay. I'm feeling restless today, going a bit stir crazy, but looking forward to seeing Ilsa for lunch tomorrow then going for a swim.

Ben just showed me this 'What crafts are we making' Statshot from The Onion website - the dream-crusher column really made me laugh.


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